Sunday we finished our journey into Dallas, which went really well. We made it to the apartment where we are staying, and hung out for a little bit. It’s hot here. After a bit, we headed over the the church where the staff of For the Nations fed us, then led us in some training for the week. We have our assignments, and we are all really excited to get started. Did I mention that it’s hot here 

One of the really great things today was seeing some former youth group students. We had lunch with Ben Brown, who is working in Oklahoma this summer. Then we got to see Charlsea Soderstrum, who is interning at For the Nations. Of course we also got to see Jake and Sarah Waid. They are on staff with For the Nations, and are missionaries that Harvest supports. We’re really excited to be working with them this week. By the way, it’s hot here. 

Here’s a few things you can be praying about for us. 

  1. The apartment we are staying in is tight, and with 24 of us, we are still trying to figure out a schedule and other logistics, so pray for patience and flexibility. 
  2. Monday is going to be the day we start working with the refugees, and this means we will be figuring things out. Pray we’ll connect with the kids, and figure out what we need to be doing, quickly. 
  3. Pray we’ll get rest. 
  4. Pray no one gets sick from the heat. (Because it’s hot)
  5. Pray for God to work through us and in us this week.