We wanted to introduce you to our new summer staff member, Molly, who will be working with the youth ministry this summer. We are really excited to have Molly with us, and can’t wait to see what God does this summer! Here’s a little more about Molly.

Hello Everyone! My name is Molly Myers, originally from Waterloo, IA. I have spent the last year in Des Moines as a Nursing Student working toward my Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. In the past I spent time at Buena Vista University as a Biology major and then was called to give God my education. After surrendering more of myself to Christ I took two years to focus on doing youth ministry and building relationships for God’s glory! End of last summer God called me back to school to continue my education and be a missionary on my campus. This summer I asked God, “Where can you use me?” And He called me to Harvest! I am excited to see what God is doing and what He has yet to do in each of our lives!

What is your favorite food? I enjoy meats, potatoes, and corn on the grill! And lets not forget icecream!

What are some things you love to do in the summer? Be outside in the sun, biking, walking, water sports, and quality time with famiy and friends.

Where is the furthest away from Iowa you have been? Went to Nepal for a month long mission trip.

What is your favorite verse? Ephesians 3:20

What are you hoping to see God do this summer? Awaken our hearts more and more to see, hear, understand, and follow more closely! For God to reveal Himself to each of us in a real, tangible way and for our lives to be changed forever! May God do WAY above what we can ask, think, or even dream!