It has been amazing to see and hear what God has been doing this week. I continue to be impresses with our students and their hard work and the love they continue to pour out.
Our team has been put into two different groups, and they have had two totally different experiences and circumstances, but both groups have had some incredible things happen.
My group has been working at a place where men go to avoid prison when they have been caught using drugs. It has been great to spend time with these guys. I asked one of the men who works there about our presence. He said that no other groups ever come to visit and work with the guys, but our presence alone made the men feel important and loved. It even caused them to talk about why we were there in their group meeting last night. It is moving to me that even a small step of obedience can open a door for God to work.
The other group has had a different experience. Instead of being at the same place all week, they have been somewhere different each day, and yet each day they have had amazing stories to tell today the met a guy whose girlfriend lives in Ames. They have quickly bonded to each group of people they have worked with.
Tomorrow is our last day at the worksites. We leave on Friday. We want to make tomorrow count. We would love for you to pray with us and for us. I’m excited to see the stories unfold and hear about how God is working.