Starting on September 6th, we will be spending four weeks working through the book of Philippians in youth group and then discussing Paul’s letter in our small groups.

The Apostle Paul wrote this letter while he was in prison. Paul is imprisoned, yet he uses the term for joy (noun and verb) over sixteen times. His peace and hope were not based on circumstances. Paul’s letter to the Philippians reveals that true joy is to be found only in a relationship with Jesus Christ and in the assurance that God is able to turn adverse circumstances to our good and His glory. 

The church at Philippi was founded in a.d. 50 during Paul’s second missionary journey (Acts 16). The church at Philippi had a special significance for Paul, since it was the first church he founded in Europe. Paul and Silas were imprisoned there for exorcising a demon from a fortune-telling slave girl, but God miraculously delivered them, and they proclaimed the gospel to the Philippian jailer.

If you are in one of our small groups you can get the questions for each week below and print them for yourself.