Our new teaching series for both groups as well as our small groups is called “Say What?”. We will be going through four difficult sayings of Jesus.

Here’s how it all works. On Sunday, you will pick up a sheet with questions on it to use in your small group time. Try and spend some time preparing before you arrive, that will make the discussion time go much better. Then during your small group, write down interesting things that come up during your discussion. On the following Sunday, we will discuss what we learned as well as some new insights about the difficult saying.

Also, you can download the study questions right here if you happen to miss youth group on Sunday. If you have questions, please contact Pastor D.

Week 1 – “I am the way”  – study questions

Week 2 – “The way is narrow” – study questions

Week 3 – “Take up your cross” – study questions

Week 4 – “Consider the cost” – study questions