I really did plan on blogging more about this week, but three things got in the way. Time: We have kept very busy this week. We had an afternoon where we did a prayer station and stopped people as they walked by and asked if they wanted to pray with us, and then did a prayer walk. We also went canvassing in a rural community for a new church plant in that town. Both of these are on top of all the other usual things for Challenge. The second is being here with all guys: We are really missing some balance without any girls from our group here. It has been a ton of fun, and I love it. Their energy and silliness is so great, but seriously, we need some girls to go in two years! Finally, a need for as much sleep as I can get: The time factor, the boys silliness plus everything else leaves us all (mostly me) exhausted at the end of the day.

The speakers have been fantastic. You can watch all the main speakers on the official Challenge website. I suggest you take some time and see what we have been hearing, and maybe God will challenge you too.
What has been the best part is talking about what we are learning after the sessions. It has been so cool to hear how God is speaking to them.

Today is our last day of Challenge. Tomorrow we head home. Pray that these last few moments here would be fruitful in our lives, and that God would make it clear to us who He is, what He has done, and what that means for us. Thanks for your support and prayers.