Just a reminder that we will not have youth group on May 9th because of Mother’s Day. So take the evening and make it special for your mother! Be creative! Think of something you can do to thank her for all she does for you.

Here are some ideas you can use:

  1. Cook all the meals during the day. Yes, breakfast, lunch and dinner!
  2. Make her a card that has a popout.
  3. Give her a coupon book that you made. (Put expiration dates on them, or it might haunt you later in life.)
  4. Wash and clean her car.
  5. Don’t fight with any siblings during the day.
  6. Clean your room.
  7. Every time you see her, tell her something that you love about her.

Those are just a few ideas. You can think of something awesome. If you have a great idea, leave it in the comments section below!

We will be having group on May 16th, so be there!