On January 3rd, from 6-8PM, we will be having an informal time of fun and games (dodgeball) with both the high school and jr. high groups combined. The best part is that we are inviting all those who have graduated from the youth group since D & Jill have been here to join us for the fun.

So, if you are a graduate, we want you to come. If you have a spouse, bring them! If you have kids, bring them! If you have friends in town with you, bring them! If you know a graduate of the youth ministry, make sure they come! Spread the word!

It will be a great time of catching up with old friends, a chance to blow off some steam after finals, and hot chocolate! Plus, it will be a great chance to see what God has done over the years. So, be there!

P.S. We know you might be old, so you don’t have to play dodgeball. We know you can’t keep up any more.