Last night was the first session of Challenge, and it did not dissapoint. Rend Collective led us in worship, and it was really moving. When you get over 5,000 people all singing praises to The Lord with excitement and passion, it is amazing. It’s one of my favorite parts of Challenge.
JD Greear was our speaker last night, and he did not hold back simply because it was the first night. The theme of the conference is “Restored: Live the Story, Tell the Story”, and last night we started with creation. JD walked us through the story of creation in Genesis 1 and 2 to show us how creation gives us insight into how to live in God’s story. He said some interesting things, but one that stood out is how he believes (and I agree) that a lot of Christian students are bored of sitting around and are looking for more, something greater to be a part of. His point through the message is that you don’t have to wait, but can be a part of a bigger story right now.
His four main points were:
1. The story isn’t about you, it’s about God.
2. You were created for God.
3. You were created in the image of God.
4. Only the One who brought life out of nothing can bring life back from the dead.
I’m excited to see how God works through all the activities we have planned, all the speakers and musicians, and our time together as a group. Please continue to pray for us.