Wednesday was exhausting. We had an awesome opening session with D.A. Horton who led us through “Blessed are the pure in heart”. It was a great session. Then after lunch, we got changed into some work clothes, got some instructions and equipment from the organizers and went to the YWCA in Columbus. It is a facility that houses up to 50 families that are homeless with children. They work to keep the families together while helping them to get jobs and housing. We went to help with their community garden. We all worked really hard, but had a great time. When we got back, we were all so hungry!

Our evening session was great, as Geoff Stafford spoke about what it means to be meek. He gave us a new understanding of the word, how it doesn’t mean weak, but rather someone with a meek spirit is strong and able, but allows God to direct their lives instead of always seeking their own glory and victory. We had a great conversation after the session, and it was great to hear the questions the students had. Then it was time to relax and get ready for bed. I’m excited about what Thursday will hold for us. Thanks for your prayers!