I’m sitting here with the guys eating pizza at almost midnight, talking about today. The perfect end to today. Below is Ben’s take on today.

Day 3—Mourn

Today was our third day of the Challenge trip.  Don’t worry parents.  The title does not mean that more trouble happened and one of your precious children is dead.  Yet.  We all woke up tired from our previous days trips.  But God still worked despite that.

Here’s what my title is getting at.  The theme for tonight’s session was Mourn.  (As I stated earlier, we are going through the Beatitudes in Matthew Chapter 5).  We are called to mourn because of the sin in our lives, the sin in our churches, the sin in the unbelievers around us.  But it starts with what’s in us.  So many times we become calloused in our hearts toward sin.  The sin in our lives doesn’t really bother us.  It’s just something natural that we do.  Bad.

The speaker took a picture of Jesus and to the horror of the audience smeared mud all over it.  Our sin is the same.  It starts out a little at a time and then we begin to enjoy it, but then before long we stand back in horror and look at the mess that we have made of it all.  And we can’t clean it back up.  The speaker tried with a rag to clean it but it simply smeared.  He eventually took one of the car window washers you find at gas stations and scraped it clean.

We are called to complete repentance in Christ.

I’ll say, I personally was wondering when this conference would become more than just a conference.  Where it would be a bit more than fun and where God would just come down and move.  Tonight was a taste of that.

So yeah.  Challenge is going awesomely!!!!  Keep us in your prayers for the rest of the week.  Today is only Day 3.  We have 4 days left.  I will assure you right now that when you get your children back there will be a change.  Challenge is definitely a place where God works.  I was here two years ago and my life was completely switched around.  So please.  Continue to pray.  God is working and he will work.

God Bless!

Ben Brown, official blogger of the Harvest Challengers.