Puerto Rico 2011 – Day 6

It has been amazing to see and hear what God has been doing this week. I continue to be impresses with our students and their hard work and the love they continue to pour out.
Our team has been put into two different groups, and they have had two totally different experiences and circumstances, but both groups have had some incredible things happen.
My group has been working at a place where men go to avoid prison when they have been caught using drugs. It has been great to spend time with these guys. I asked one of the men who works there about our presence. He said that no other groups ever come to visit and work with the guys, but our presence alone made the men feel important and loved. It even caused them to talk about why we were there in their group meeting last night. It is moving to me that even a small step of obedience can open a door for God to work.
The other group has had a different experience. Instead of being at the same place all week, they have been somewhere different each day, and yet each day they have had amazing stories to tell today the met a guy whose girlfriend lives in Ames. They have quickly bonded to each group of people they have worked with.
Tomorrow is our last day at the worksites. We leave on Friday. We want to make tomorrow count. We would love for you to pray with us and for us. I’m excited to see the stories unfold and hear about how God is working.

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Puerto Rico 2011 – Day 5

Quick update. I had some technical difficulties, but I wanted you to know we had a great day at our worksites. We are excited for tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow, I’ll try to update more tomorrow morning. Goodnight!

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Puerto Rico 2011 – Day 4

Today was great. Long and tiring, but great. We started working in the community today. Funny story, today was a huge holiday for Puerto Rico, Constitution Day, so things were a little different than what we will see the rest of the week.
We started off the day by going to a retirement community where we played dominoes, cleaned up around the yard, and spent time sharing and talking with the residents. It was really cool to watch our students invested in a group of people that is often forgotten.
In the afternoon we went to the community where they are doing the Kid’s Club and spent lots of time with the kids in the area. There we games, face painting, hilarious face painting, and a lot of water balloons. There was even a photo scavenger hunt with some of the little ones. The students just jumped right in and loved on these kids. I am so proud, and you should be as well.
Tomorrow we will be going to our assigned sites, and after today I am even more excited. Thanks for you prayers.

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Puerto Rico 2011 – Day 3

So tired. So sweaty. It’s been a long hot day, but it has been great. We spent the late morning/early afternoon in Old San Juan. We looked around at the fort, took pictures, and did some souvenir shopping.
In the afternoon we made the drive to Arecibo. We made it to the YouthWorks site safely, and began to meet the other groups. I have been really proud of our group and how they have really mingled well.
Tomorrow we head out to our different sites. We are all super excited. I’ll try to give you some more detail tomorrow. Time to sweat, I mean sleep. Until then, please keep praying.

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Puerto Rico 2011 – Day 2

We had a rough day. Just kidding.
We started out the day at the beach. We enjoyed the ocean and the sun. Some even built a sand castle. It was a great way to start our week here. Don’t worry, we’ll be getting to “the serious work” soon.
In the afternoon we jumped in the van and headed south to Cayey. Here we met up with some of Jill’s relatives. We ate with them and had a great time. It was awesome to be able to take the students to a local family’s home and eat with them. It’s not something we get to do often, so it was pretty special.
Tomorrow we will go to Old San Juan in the morning. We’ll walk around and hang out until the afternoon where we will head to Arecibo to begin what we came to do.
Please continue to pray for us. Tomorrow we meet the other groups we will be working with. Pray that we will come together and work as one group.
I am excited to see what happens this week!

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