I really did have good intentions of writing something every night about what has been happening on our trip so far, but these days are long, and full, and my 5am alarm comes real early.
So, here's a little about what's been going on.

We have had three days of reading and math at both locations. The morning location has more kids, but is a much bigger space than we have had the previous two years, and it makes a huge difference! It is still a lot of energy, and so many cute faces. The afternoon location is actually in the apartment we stay in. There are less kids, but it is a much tighter space. But it still so great to read with them, get to know them, and invest in them.

We did not have swim lessons on Monday, but instead broke up into two groups that did some cleaning that will help For The Nations. Tuesday and Wednesday we did have swim lessons, and it is so much fun! You have kids who are scared of the water, and kids who might be better swimmers that some of us, but it's a really special time. Just a little insight into what it's like for these kids, Both days we have been told by some of the maintenance guys that the pool is closed. Turns out they just don't want to have to clean the pool. The FTNRO staff called their bluff, and we swam away!

We work really hard during the days, so I try to plans some fun nights outs as group, which by the way, thanks for praying for our team unity! It has been so amazing!
Today, Thursday, is our last day of reading with the kids, tomorrow we have a field trip with the group from the morning. Today is always hard because it's the last day we will see all of the kids, and that's really difficult for us.

Just a couple more days! Please keep praying for us. I'll try to update again.